I Dreamt Of My Death… And Lived

I have always been fascinated by dreams, what they mean, what could have caused them, why you sometimes wake up because of them, and sometimes not. I have always been a bit disturbed by the fact that I have dreamt of my kids’ deaths, and worse, I didn’t wake up from them.  I have also…
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Pharisee? Or Tax Collector?

We all know someone who is at the top of their game, and knows it.  They have no problem telling or showing people what they know or what they can do.  When you’re that good at something you should be proud.  You worked darn hard for a long time to get to where you are.…
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healing music

Healing Through Music

As far back as I can remember I was playing piano.  It wasn’t because my parents said I had to, it was because my parents couldn’t keep me off of the thing.  I would spend hours playing it, noodling around with different music, making stuff up, playing by ear, all kinds of stuff.  Later, when…
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Success in business-group of excited people

Abnormal IS The New Normal

I was talking with a co-worker and friend the other day, and I told her that absolutely NOTHING in my life is normal.  As we were talking that became more and more clear to me.  Things within my family are FAR from normal.  From having a daughter who became my son, my other daughter going…
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What’s Missing?

Lately my life has been complete and utter chaos.  Between personal family issues, financial issues, personal life issues, and even church issues my life seems a shambles in my eyes.  I look at what I DO have going for me, and what I have working against me, and I think to myself, “God?  Why are…
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